Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Braggy McBraggenpants

So, my last and final paper ever for a course?  I did really, really well on it.  So well that I feel the need to take to my blog and brag.  My professor, who I consider a pretty difficult and no-nonsense grader, used some great adjectives for my paper and said it was definitely publishable!  Excuse my excitement, but woohoo!  I guess that means I have to take Grad Director's advice and not waste any time this holiday break.

Unfortunately, the rest of my class didn't do so well.  The professor sent out an email to the class to tell us that papers were graded and other admin details.  The email continues to say basically, "Class was great, wasn't it?  Too bad a lot of your papers weren't."  Seriously.  That's kind of inappropriate, isn't it?   

Anyways, my checklist for break looks like this:

1.  Write up a conference proposal.  There is one other paper that this same professor also said is publishable, but I've been sitting on it for awhile.  I haven't had the time yet to revise it for publication, but there is an international conference next year that would be amazing.  The proposal is due early next year, but I would really like to kick it out before we ring in 2011.  However, I am having some trouble writing it.  I think I have summarized the paper nicely, but I haven't used any of the key words that were in the CFP.  I would really like to do that to tie the paper more obviously to the theme of the conference.

2.  Develop a blog for my composition class.  The University likes to use blogs for the first year composition classes and I need to get mine up and running. 

3. Read for qualifying exams.  Enough said.   

4.  Revise paper(s) for publication.  Again, enough said. 

That is my break, academically speaking.  It doesn't sound too bad, especially with a latte or two (or Schnapps, as previous commentators suggest).  Today, however, there is one big thing on my list: shovel the snow.  My husband did it yesterday and I promised to do it today.  Hopefully, there won't be a ton of snow during my break to shovel. 


  1. Always great to hear good news. Congratulations!

  2. Yay! What a great feeling! And, by that, I mean the excellent paper feedback, not the snow shoveling.

  3. Thanks! It is a great feeling and I'm still riding high!